Analyst's view of the Forex market as of September 26, 2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on September 26, 2023


As expected, the EURUSD pair passed the level 1, 0634. There are no Price Action patterns here yet. I think we will continue to fall to the lows of 1.0515. In the coming days we may make an upward correction. There are not many targets for correction from which we can try to look for new sales, the first level is 1.0614, if we do not react to it, then I will look for sales beyond the high of the Friday candle of 1.0671. There are still a large number of buyers in the transaction statistics, which should contribute to a continued decline.


On the GBPUSD pair we also continue to fall and have firmly consolidated below the level of 1.2307. So far I have set sales targets at FVG 1.2140. If we start an upward correction, then new sales can be seen at FVG 1.2295, and if we go higher, then the level is 1.2367.

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