Analyst's view of the Forex market as of September 13, 2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 09/13/2023


On the EURUSD pair we went to the level 1.0765 and even made an attempt to move down from it, but the price came back. There is still time until Thursday and important news and perhaps we will go a little higher. There is another FVG at the top and it is right in the “premium price zone” (above 50% of the last impulse). It will be very good to watch new sales from it, with the expectation of a downward movement, with targets of 1.0634 or below 1.0515.


On Silver, we are stuck in FVG around 23.05 and have already formed several Doji patterns. After a good run down last week, we are likely to go into an upward correction. They just left the FVG there, almost in the middle of the movement. If we go up there, I will look for new Price Action signals to sell, with targets for the lows of 22.09.

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