Analysis without indicator major currency pairs on 21.07.2017

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 20.07.2017


On AUDUSD formed a pattern Doji. Reference no pattern, but may begin a correction back to 0,78000. But in General, expect continued growth to 0,80500-0,8100. The transaction pattern is not considered.


On EURJPY formed the pattern of Absorption at the level of 129.00. Likely continue the growth trend. Then consider buying with the objectives of 133.00 and higher.


On the pair EURAUD pattern, the Absorption level 1,4447. The level is pretty strong, but I think it’s a corrective move up to 1,4650. Then try again to continue falling and break the support level 1,4447. The transaction is then not considered. For sales it is better to wait the breakout of the level.


On the AUDNZD pair as a pattern, the Absorption level 1,08000. Will probably start a correction in the area of 1.0700 is then we will try to continue the up trend. The sale is not considered here because they are against the trend.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 20.07.2017

  • UOB changed the entrance at 1.1500 on 1,1490 in buying EUR/USD
  • UOB closed at the market buying EUR/USD with 1,1411 for 1,1519.
    Profit +108пп
  • Citi has placed a Sell limit on AUD/CAD with 1,0025, TR – to 0.9750,
    SL – 1.0200
  • Credit Suisse worked on Buy Limit Buy Limit on GBP/USD with 1,3005
  • UOB otstupite buying on GBP/USD with 1,3075 at 1,3000.
  • Credit Suisse worked Sell Limit on USD/CHF with 0,9580
  • Credit Suisse worked Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,1490
  • UOB triggered a Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,1490
  • Credit Suisse otstupite for sale on the USD/CHF with 0,9580 for 0,9605.
  • Credit Suisse SL changed from 128.00 to 128,40 in buying EUR/JPY
  • Credit Suisse changed the entrance from AZN 0.7850 at 0,7880 in Buy Limit on AUD/USD
  • Deutsche Bank TR worked in buying EUR/USD with 1,1404 at 1,1600. Profit +196пп
  • UOB load TR in a buy EUR/USD with 1,1490 for 1,1615.
    Profit +125пп
  • Credit Suisse canceled the Buy Limit on EUR/GBP with 0,8750
  • Citi triggered a Sell Limit on AUD/CAD with 1,0025
  • Credit Suisse has worked with TR on NZD/USD with 0.7240 is possible for 0,7403.
    Profit +163пп
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