Analysis of major currency pairs as of September 18, 2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market as of September 18, 2023


The EURUSD pair stopped at the level 1.0634 and formed Inner bar pattern. In general, of course, I would like to see a continuation of the fall, the collection of liquidity below the level of 1.0634 and, ideally, below the minimums of 1.0515. The Fed's interest rate decision is on Wednesday, and most likely the main movement will be there. If at the beginning of the week we rise to the area of ​​1.0709 or higher, I will look for sell signals. In the transaction statistics there is a good predominance of buyers, which should contribute to the fall.


Another Inside Bar pattern on the USDCAD pair. The price stopped at 1.3493. We took off above the highs of 1.3655, but from below we didn’t even go down to the low of 1.3488. Here it’s worth looking at where we’ll move now, if we go to the FVG area of ​​1.3600, then we can take a closer look at sales, with targets to reach below 1.3488 or slightly below the 50% level. If we immediately continue to fall, then we should wait for the level of 50% or 1.3356, and then look for purchases there.

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