Analysis of Japanese candlesticks on 06/14/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 06/14/2023


/p> formed an Inside bar pattern. In general, everything, of course, looks like a continuation of growth, and at least I think we will do a rebound up to the 50% area, to update a number of highs. For global growth plans, a large number of buyers in the statistics of transactions confuses. Unless tomorrow the Fed rates are going down well. In general, I'm here with no new deals yet, until tomorrow's news, and I'm set down after a small pass up, if we go there in the European session, I will look for intraday sales.


USDCAD has a similar situation and the Absorption pattern with a breakdown of the trend line down. Judging by the statistics of transactions, everyone was actively buying from the trend line with the expectation of a rebound. Selling directly into resistance here is definitely not worth it. Let's look at the development of the situation and a more obvious fall. Then we will make sales decisions. An alternative option is also to take down and remove the stops, after which the increase to the highs in the 1.3655 area.

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