Analysis Forex market on 6.01.2020

Hello. Back to trade below and look at a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market, tomorrow 6.01.2020


On GBPUSD went back to the previously broken trendline and bounced formed a pattern of Internal bar. The transaction breakdown of the pattern I have already opened, but it’s not too late to go into sales. Counting on a good fall and the development of the down trend.


On the pair EURCHF price left the triangle, but to complete the level 1,0828 failed. Stayed on the level and formed a pattern Doji. It seems that here is worth to wait for a correction upwards. Buy here do not consider, as after the breakout of the triangle and roll back to it, remains a priority in the sale. Looking forward to the development of the situation.


On a pair EURUAD few days, moving near the strong support level 1,6000 and a good upside momentum has formed the pattern of Absorption. It seems that remain to move sideways and expect growth. I will buy on the breakout of the pattern.

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