Analysis Forex market on 13.12.2018

Hello. Below is a few recommendations on trade in the Forex market on 13.12.2018


On the pair USDCHF has formed a pattern Doji at the district level 0,9926. Will probably finish the correction up. and we will try to develop the down trend. Consider there sales.


On GBPUSD price formed a pattern of Absorption. Pattern without any support. The upward movement is quite obvious, the correction to the previously broken a strong support level 1,2700. Waiting for the correction to end and signals sale.

Fundamental news

  • Shanghai Composite + 0.31 Percent, The Shenzhen Composite + Of 0.16%, The Hang Seng Index + 1.6% Of
  • KOSPI + 1,44%
  • S&P/ASX 200 + 1,39%
  • Nikkei 225 + 2,15%

The US President gives interview to Reuters

Political détente in relations between the US and China gave rise to a sharp growth of stock indices of Asia Pacific. The top Manager of HUAWEI was released from police custody, as the American President Donald trump in an interview with Reuters said that the delay of input of new duties can be extended. Also the head of the White House hinted at possible personal meeting with the leader of China XI Jinping.

Morning dynamics of the Asian markets determine the news real estate:

  • Australia, where sales of new buildings fell
  • The UK, pointing to the November reduction of the property value to 11% (worse than expected)


  • Dow Jones + 0.64% Of
  • NASDAQ + 0,95%
  • S&P 500 + 0,54%

The intention of the President of the United States Donald trump to reach new trade agreements has found the response in the Chinese leadership. According to reports by the WSJ, the Chinese government is preparing major changes to the rules of economic regulation that will be proposed to adopt in the national Assembly. Apparently, in order to provide XI took XI’s time to maneuver Donald trump wants to extend the moratorium on entry fees after the New year.

The U.S. investors reacted positively to the mutual efforts of the two countries to settle trade dispute.

Today the dynamics of trading determine the news:

  • 16-30 – price Indexes import/export for the month
  • 16-30 – Week unemployment (the number of initial allowances)
  • 22-00 Report on budget

The Eurozone

  • FTSE 100 + 1,08%
  • CAC 40 + 2,15%
  • At the close of 1.38%

Yesterday’s session on European markets can be described as trading with a bad beginning and a good ending. After yesterday’s refusal of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to change the settings Brakcet morning party Theresa may launched impeachment proceedings.

Negative background for investors during the day dramatically changed in a positive way, played the role of news about a breakthrough in the negotiations, the U.S. and China, the agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Italy on the adjustment budget and the failure of the impeachment of the Prime Minister of great Britain.

Today is a very important session of the ECB decides on the interest rate, but the whole day will be abundantly “scored” news:

  • 10-00 – the consumer price Index (CPI) of Germany
  • 10-45 – CPI France
  • 11-30 – the Interest rate of the Central Bank of Switzerland
  • 12-00 Press-conference of the head of the Central Bank of Switzerland
  • 15-45 interest rate Decision ECB
  • 16-30 Press conference Mario Draghi
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