You can access 10 years ago the performance of the construction industry

The domestic construction industry performance of the 2006-2007 peak in the period 2200-2300 billion, this is expected to be achieved in the sector this year, said Koji László, the Construction Contractors a national trade association (ÉVOSZ) the president of the M1 current channel on Monday.

In may, more than 35 percent increase in construction industrial production volume of the previous year compared to the same period, in response, the president of the organization explained that the market on all orders of active. The government, the municipalities, the private investment and the population’s orders is significantly higher than a year ago, – he stressed.

Highlights of this year’s budget of 216 billion in family home creating the discount, it’s a great effect to the 5 percent reduced general sales tax (vat), and the commercial banks 3 to 7 percent between interest rate level is financed by the population of more than ten years of deferred home construction.

The ÉVOSZ president of it would be considered important in the construction cleaning, if the apartment renovation also in case of account, contracts, legal financial flows with the work we carry out.

He told me how the lack of specialists in Budapest is causing the greatest concern, while the country as a part of, where there is no such problem. Increasingly there is a need to rural-based construction company to appear in the capital – have indicated Koji László.

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