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Paris, June 12, 2017. The French Leader of platforms of management of innovations, Yoomap has twenty large-scale customers. Its a 3 year experience and trade from its Club Users, the start-up takes a method in 4 steps to make it even more profitable participation in fairs such as Vivatech for companies looking to open innovation.

1. Do keep in mind that the 10% to 20% of start-ups that have real meaning for your business
Of the hundred start-ups encountered on the show, identify those who really have a chance to succeed and be bearers of progress. By focusing on the 10 to 20 best ones, you give yourself more time for the “push” correctly and get a true result.
Save them in your file, start-ups, and qualify them for you to remember what has made ” tilt “. Thanks to its quick entry, which sucks the information of the Internet sites of your start-ups, the SURM of Yoomap allows you to save 1 company in less than a minute on a smartphone.

2. Push your Top 10 in-house
In the days following the show, make a communication with your ecosystem. Select 5 to 10 start-ups in the more “obviously” interesting and engage your network to test their interest. The SURM of Yoomap proposes, for example, a slideshare, with the possibility of a liker, share, comment on the slides.
Stimulate feedback by inviting your contacts to give their opinion, share, projected use, the POCs possible… The SURM of Yoomap can bind to the social networks of companies in order to not duplicate the interfaces and encourage interaction.

3. Arrange a meeting with those who have responded
Based on the responses obtained, invite start-ups to come and pitch in front of the people of the trades that have shown interest, in the form user-friendly for a breakfast or an aperitif. The face-to-face is a powerful trigger of opportunities.

4. Follow your POCs
Follow the achievements that are born from these meetings. A successful experiment or not to save other people’s time. The pitch can then be done in-house : one team to the other. This will allow you to recognize teams, celebrate successes, and show the example. The SURM allows you to record each POC, to give a global vision of each project in all or part of the business.

Find Yoomap on Vivatech, on the stand of BNP Paribas.

About Yoomap : Created in 2014 by 3 associates, Yoomap has become in only 3 years, a leader in the platforms of management of innovations in France (open innovation and participative innovation). To accelerate and structure the approaches of the enterprises it supports, the start-up has developed a service Innovathon, management software, ideas and innovation (SMI : System Management of the innovation) and a software for the management of the relationship with the start-up (SURM : Start-Up Relationship Management). It consists of 18 employees (in the course of recruitment of 5 people), and twenty references such as Natixis, ADP, EDF, Total, etc Yoomap recruits. http://www.yoomap.fr/

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