Yesterday without rivals, Tesla sees the competition to pounce on him

Monday, September 17, in San Francisco – a handful of kilometers from the headquarters of Tesla, California, the German brand Audi (subsidiary of Volkswagen group) will reveal during a show in which she has the secret of the first electric car in its history : the e-tron, a luxury SUV, 100 % battery, with an autonomy of more than 400 kilometres. In other words, the first real rival to the Tesla Model S and Model X, only electric cars top of the range currently on the market.

Because today, the firm Elon Musk is virtually without competition on the planet. In 2017, according to figures from the specialized site EV-Volumes, the Tesla Model S has been the electric car the most past in the world, with 54 800 sales (if we except the small city chinese BJEV EC180 sold 78 000 copies, but that plays in a whole other category). As for the Tesla Model X, it is not very far away with almost 47 000 units sold, tailgating the Nissan Leaf, the best-selling japanese brand. A deed for vehicles with the base price is 70 000 euros.

But this time the enchanted key is probably at its end. The arrival on the market of the e-tron opened the ball in a series that should allow the rich lover of beautiful electric cars to have a comfortable choice. Porsche, another subsidiary luxury of Volkswagen, will sell its Taycan 100 % electric by 2019 ; just like Mercedes which is expected to sell, the same year its first electric model – an SUV again – sold around 65 000 euros. Jaguar has released an all-electric vehicle this spring, including the first sales seem to carve out a few croupières – already – in Europe the Model X.

As for BMW, the most advanced in the electro-mobility of the German companies top of the range, rather it has developed a sedan plug-in hybrid and a small city car, the i3, which sold over 31,000 copies in 2017. That’s not a problem, the bavarian manufacturer…

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