YATEDO joined the program Startup Premium BPI Group and The Lab’s HR

This new dynamic allows Yatedo to launch large-scale its solution Artificial Intelligence for recruitment Yatedo Talent to business clients of the BPI Group, in search of HR solutions, innovative and mature.

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Paris, June 28, 2017 – YATEDO, a search engine “Made in France” that transforms the web in a pool of candidates, is proud to announce its partnership with BPI Group, and integrate the innovation agenda HR of the consulting firm ” Startup Premium “, which has selected 21 innovative startups among the 420 members of The Lab HR.

The need for innovation in HR is of paramount importance for large groups and these are not the initiatives that are missing ! BPI group has designed the program Startup Premium with the objective of bringing together these initiatives and seek the expertise and agility of startups to provide answers to the needs of key accounts customers.

Yatedo is the only people search engine in the world, able to extract, synthesize and structure the public information from the web. Its latest innovation based on AI, Yatedo Intelligence, allows to recruit the best talent before the whole world. The new predictive indicators da the solution also give a clearer vision and more detailed CV. They are easily accessible on the profile of a talent. These indicators give information on the availability of the candidate, its potential success or its stability within the company.

For BPI group will be the establishment of a strong partnership with Yatedo and other selected startups, based on a network operation to allow for the launch of its solution on the market, on a large scale. “This is to boost the most promising projects in the agile way on an evolving market “, explains Thierry Majorel, Head of Innovation and digital experience at BPI Group.

By 5 years, the job of a recruiter is going to radically transform themselves. All the part sourcing is intended to be completely automated in order to free up precious time for the recruiters. Even taking an appointment with the candidate could be eventually managed by the artificial intelligence. These so-called chatbots, which is so much talked about currently for the e-commerce platforms, will eventually be responsible for triggering the first exchanges with the candidates. At the same time, the sorting of the CV and the animation of the Database will be optimized by the tools, allowing the recruiter to free themselves of administrative tasks and thus concentrate on two priority tasks : to pass job interviews and make the final decision !

“By joining together, we find solutions to the brakes encountered by recruiters in the modernization of enterprises, with the digital. Integrate the program Startup Premium, it is not only benefit from a great recognition, but also allow us to deliver to enterprises the best of innovation in HR in order to anticipate and meet the challenges of HR “, confirms Saad Zniber, co-founder of Yatedo, a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence to the recruitment service.

When the Web becomes your pool of candidates.
Created in France in 2011, Yatedo is the only people search engine in the world, able to extract, synthesize and structure the public information from the web relating to a person and which delivers its search results in the form of digital maps.
With its tool Talent, Yatedo is intended for recruiters who can source, and have direct contact with talents, and also build a pool of ready profiles to move through the recruitment solution predictive. At the time of the proliferation of personal content over the Internet, Yatedo is also addressed to the candidates, offering them the possibility to control and optimize the free their digital identity. 7 million visitors per month – More than 800 million profiles and Presence in France and in the United States. Yatedo is a member of Syntec recruitment and The Lab, HR, association partner of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue.
More information on www.yatedo.fr – Twitter – Blog

About BPI Group
Founded in 1984, BPI group is a management consulting firm, a specialist in the accompaniment of HR transformations. A recognized Expert on the issues of employment in France, BPI group is in movement, the Leaders, managers, employees around projects of evolution of the firms and the territories. Its areas of action to achieve this : the identification and development of potential, the learning and the culture of change, the modes of organization and well-being at work, management of internal mobility & external and the mediation of territorial development of employment.
The 700 consultants BPI group involved, as well as in council, to persons-in-council organisations with a constant concern of innovation continues in the search for solutions.
BPI group is developing a strong local presence, with customers, with 26 offices in France. The Group is also accompanied by the deployment of projects for its international customers. He has been held since 2012 by the investment fund Perceva.
To follow the news of BPI group, you can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn, or on www.bpi-group.com

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