WorldRemit and Android Pay unite to facilitate money transfers between mobile

The integration of the service payment Android Pay will allow its users to easily send money to more than 112 million accounts, Mobile money accessible via WorldRemit

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London, 13 June 2017 – WorldRemit, a leading service of money transfer by electronic means, just add Android Pay to his offer to allow to send through this fund in the world to millions of accounts Mobile money.

With this partnership focused on mobile phones, WorldRemit provides a bridge between the actors of the Silicon Valley and those in sub-saharan Africa. The prospects are numerous as the transfer market of international money represents about $ 600 billion each year.

WorldRemit will allow the Android users Pay to send money instantly to over 112 million accounts, Mobile money accessible via its network. Thanks to this integration, WorldRemit becomes the only supplier in the world, a service of the international transfers conducted through Android and Pay using a mobile phone.

Thanks to the direct connection with Android Pay, the customers of WorldRemit will be able to send money instantly in only 5 steps, without the need to enter a credit card number or confirm their transaction (security controls 3DS). A account Mobile money allows, among other things, pay tuition fees, utility bills and running errands in shops, using a mobile phone without a 3G network or Wi-Fi is necessary. Android Pay is based on the system of tokenization, payments are sent with a number of virtual account which adds an extra layer of security.

WorldRemit achieves a record number of transfers of funds to accounts Mobile money ; no other supplier does not reach this level in the world. The company enables expatriates to send money from their smartphone directly on the phone close in more than 140 countries. The beneficiary can dispose of cash, in the form of a transfer to a bank account or credit on an account Mobile money.

“Currently, 60% of users of WorldRemit have an Android device, which is the operating system most widespread in the emerging countries. In these regions, 2 billion people are excluded from the traditional banking system, then that 500 million of them use their mobile phone as a bank account, ” stresses Alice Newton-Rex, VP Products at WorldRemit.

“This integration with Android Pay is the logical continuation of our approach, mainly focused on mobile devices, and goes in the direction of our commitment to improving the financial inclusion of populations “.

And Pali Bhat, Director of product Management at Google, concludes : “Our goal is to enable organizations such as WorldRemit to offer their customers a payment solution more simple and faster, directly integrated with their application. Android Pay is going to save the time of the user during transactions made from a phone on Android, since a few clicks will be enough to finalize the settlement. ”

WorldRemit saves approximately 600,000 transactions each month, conducted over the last fifty countries to more than 140 destinations.

About WorldRemit
WorldRemit is revolutionizing the money transfer.
The service is easy to use : just go in the app or on the web site – no need to travel to the agency.
Money transfers are immediate to most countries – the operation is as simple and fast as sending an instant message.
A wider choice is on the side of the beneficiary (on a account, Mobile Money, bank transfer, collection of cash or charging credit mobile communications).
Available in fifty countries and more than 140 destinations.
WorldRemit has received financial support from Accel Partners and TCV – investors in Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, and Slack.
The seat of WorldRemit is located in London (United Kingdom), with branches in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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