Worldline and Hease Robotics unveil Heasy, the 1st robot interactive kiosk with terminal pai…

Bezons, may 17, 2017 – Worldline [Euronext : WLN], european leader and a key player in the area of payments and transaction services and their partner Hease Robotics, a French manufacturer of robot service professional, you have Heasy, the 1st robot interactive kiosk with payment terminal integrated on the salon INNOROBO 2017.

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At ces in Las Vegas, January 2017, Worldline and Hease Robotics have announced a new mobile payment service built-in to the robot Heasy and destination of public places (shopping Centres, train stations, airports, shops, and entertainment venues or events, for example).

They unveil the result of this collaboration at the Salon INNOROBO : the robot Heasy is presented in a real situation in a real cinema reconstituted. Visitors will be able to test the complete solution that provides the robot : the detection system of the customer thanks to an algorithm of face recognition, the choice of the film thanks to a touch screen, payment through the payment terminal with the integrated “Valina” and finally the withdrawal of the ticket.

Heasy is capable of moving by itself in an environment that is open to the public to interact with visitors, distribute tickets and capture their attention.
Its mission is also to respond to simple questions. However, the user can at any time contact the member of staff the nearest, thanks to the system of hotline by telepresence present in the robot

Worldline and Hease Robotics invite you to the Salon INNOROBO, from 16 to 18 may 2017, on the stand R09, to meet the robot Heasy and discover a new experience around the world of cinema and the client relationship.

Nicolas Kozakiewicz, head of Research and Development and Innovation of Worldline, said : “Working with partners offers the possibility to come across the best expertise. Our collaboration with Hease Robotics is a perfect case to complete a large number of services based on transactions such as payment, image recognition, natural interaction…”

Max Vallet, CEO of Hease Robotics said : “We are extremely proud that Worldline has chosen Hease Robotics to work on the future of interaction in the sectors of retail solutions and transactional. We want to reinvent the interactive kiosks with the robot, which means working with the best actor in the world in terms of technology. Worldline will bring its technology but also its experience at the Heasy, our robot interactive kiosk.”

About Worldline

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is the european leader and a global player of reference in the sector of the payments and transactional services. Worldline implements next generation service, allowing its clients to offer the final consumer of innovative solutions and fluids.

Key actor of the B2B2C, rich of more than 40 years of experience, Worldline is used and contributes to the success of all companies and administrations, in a market in perpetual evolution. Worldline offers a unique Business Model and flexible, built around a portfolio of offerings, scalable and comprehensive to support end-to-end. The activities of Worldline is organized around three axes : Merchant Services & Terminals, Mobility & e-Transactional Services, Financial Services including equensWorldline. Worldline employs more than 8,600 employees worldwide and generates a turnover estimated at around 1.5 billion euros on an annual basis. Worldline is a company of the Atos Group.

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