With the departure of Gary Cohn, the return of the ” bad ” Trump

Forget about the rumor of Washington and focus on the facts : such was, at bottom, the tactic of economic circles since the election of Donald Trump. Don’t pay attention to excesses, do not be fooled by the ads of a symbolic nature, in a country where counter-powers have quickly shown that they were, and to analyse the actual impact of Donald Trump on the u.s. economy.

At the end of the first year of mandate, the dominant feeling was that there could be “good” Trump, and that his action was otherwise favourable to the economy, the less neutral, whereas the United States are experiencing full employment and a rate of growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) greater than 2.5 %.

Since January, the ” bad ” Trump has taken over, with the announcement of a unilateral increase in tariffs on steel and aluminum, as a prelude to a trade war which the american president desires. Taking the consequence of this change of era, the economic adviser of the White House, Gary Cohn, has announced his resignation, Tuesday, march 6.

Huge defeat of the school new york

The departure of this former of Goldman Sachs, democrat voter, mark a huge defeat of the school in new york, these pragmatic open on the international and in favour of a world regulated. Their opponents were ecstatic, the protectionist americans, those who have allowed the candidate Trump to conquer, in 2016, the white vote areas désindustrialisées of the Midwest, the Rust Belt (the “belt” rust “).

The rocker is complete the last two months. Because, by the end of 2017, the economic action of the president was limited to two successes, which were largely the work of Gary Cohn : the appointment of a republican moderate to the presidency of the federal Reserve (Fed, american central bank), Jerome Powell, to succeed the democratic party, Janet Yellen, and a widespread decrease in taxes.

The plan has been criticised by economists…

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