With Mustache, Epinal has a place in the electric bike

Golbey (Vosges), special envoy

What first strikes, it is the profusion of boxes and shelves that are overflowing everywhere. Visit the factory of Moustache Bikes, Golbey, in the outskirts of Epinal, it is engaging in a real fight.

At the end of a crowded aisle, a dozen workers assemble frames, chains, derailleurs, cables, optics, motors, batteries, and dozens of other components to create the Monday, Friday, Saturday and the other Sunday, the different models with electric assistance of the SMES spinalienne. “Here, we spend our time pushing the walls, and to reorganize, apologizes to Matthew Richard, the production manager. Three years ago, we were seven-to-assemble bikes. Now, we are 34 to produce more than 140 cycles per day. All of them, organized into two teams…”

“When we went back in 2012, we hired 350 m2de this former textile factory,” recalls Gregory Sand, the executive director and one of the co-founders of this brand that has made a name for itself on the market with its Monday, a bike, iconic design, very neat. And then, as and to the extent that the sales were progressing, we have annexed to it a little at other spaces to reach 2 000 m2. Today, we are cramped. This summer, we moved to a site three times larger. At least, we will continue to stand at ease a few years ! ”

Mustache is a reference to the shape of the handlebars

In six years, sales of Mustache – name that refers to the shape of the handlebar of the first gear of the brand – have increased from 600 units in 2012 to 18 000 last year. And the SMES of 75 people is now 26 000 sales of bicycles, high-end and stylish, sold between 2 300 and 5 of 300 euros… The turnover has jumped from 2.5 million to 40 million euros in six years, half of which export… ” And…

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