With DocuShare Flex, Xerox allows small businesses to store information in the form …

The new platform on the cloud will allow businesses of five employees and streamline their business processes, save time and reduce their costs.

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PARIS, may 31, 2017 –With the introduction of Xerox DocuShare® Flex, small and medium-sized enterprises and their different departments can now digitize processes such as billing, file sharing, editing documents, database management and archiving of documents, similar to what is done in large companies.

SMES tend to rely on ineffective systems, because focus on the use of paper documents, and rarely have a centralized service to archive information in digital form.
DocuShare Flex brings together the qualities of automation, security and scalability of the content management systems of large size within a affordable solution, that users can set up and use easily, without having to ask their it department.

Users will be able to perform a variety of tasks related to document management :
· Automatic routing of documents to streamline the validation process and version control ;
· Automation of the document management, facilitating the observation of regulatory requirements and industry standards ;
· Simplification of the management of the multitude of documents required for transactions, accounting, billing, and other operations involving a large number of documents.

Ease-of-use, agility and low cost
Thanks to its capacity of expandable storage, DocuShare Flex allows you to save hundreds of millions of documents. The features of document management from creation to archiving or disposal, are integrated of office to the platform and just a click away.

To measure the evolution of their needs, customers DocuShare Flex can add storage and users in order to control their costs more closely. The number of users minimum is five, and can go up to several thousands. DocuShare Flex provides commands for checking processes that allow for the annotation, to the writing, but also the simultaneous consultation during the control of versions, so to keep the documents up to date.

Automated workflow
DocuShare Flex can automate various business processes, whether they are store in one place all documents related to a project, to manage the cycles of re-reading and validation of documents, or to comply with the requirements relating to a possible audit. It also promotes the observation of practices recommended by the company allow managers to monitor at any time the state of progress of the work.

Featuring an intuitive search engine and a user interface in which the taking in hand requires little training, DocuShare Flex addresses the greatest number of people, including the employees who do not have technical skills. The web interface is compatible with a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

The platform may be associated to back-end systems of businesses to extract data and link to documents. It is compatible with the multi-function devices, Xerox ConnectKey® and the related applications designed to save time through the development of specific workflows. Finally, it includes a service that exploits the technology ConnectKey to allow direct scan to DocuShare Flex.

DocuShare Flex will be available in Europe and in some parts of the world starting may 31. It is available through a network of agents, dealers and resellers, and with sales teams from Xerox.

About Xerox
With a turnover of $ 11 billion, Xerox Corporation is an industry leader in technology that innovates and transforms the way the world communicates, connects and works. At a time when our customers of any size looking to improve their productivity, maximize their profitability and meet their customers, our expertise is more valuable than ever. Our services are addressed to SMES, large enterprises, governments, graphic communication professionals and to our partners who accompany them.

We understand what makes the essence of the work and all the forms that it can take. We master the challenges of a world increasingly complex, at the intersection between paper and digital, desktop and mobility, personal and social. Every day, everywhere in the world – in more than 160 countries – our technology, our software and our teams operate with brio these intersections. We automate, customize, organize, analyze and secure the information so that our clients are progressing at an accelerated pace. For more information, visit www.xerox.fr.

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