WiSEED announced the closing of the 1 agro-forestry project in crowdfunding in France

Paris, June 12, 2017 – to address the problem of deforestation, WiSEED and Forest Finance France launched last October, the first offer of funding in a participatory agroforestry in France to allow individuals to support projects which are sustainable and responsible in this area.

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Less than a few months after the launch, the results are positive and WiSEED note a strong involvement of private investors in sustainable development projects.

WiSEED announced today that FORESTERA SCA, the first company to promote agroforestry projects on the platform, has just finished a successful fundraising 586.100 euros to 627 investors.

It is WiSEED to the 5th most important exercise in terms of the number of investors since the inception of the platform.

“The interest for this type of company is real because the individual investors are seeking a diversification of their investments but also means to support sustainable projects with ecological impacts, social and economic are of paramount importance for the future. We were able to note that the entry tickets on Forestera ranged from 100 to 20 000 € with a mean of 867 €. More than 50% of the investors in this project are investors Premiums, that is to say, investors faithful to WiSEED and very attentive to the quality of the offers,” emphasises Stéphanie Savel, president of WiSEED.

FORESTERA, a mission of reforestation, responsible ecological and social

Forestera SCA, is a French company (a subsidiary of Forest Finance France) that specializes in the creation, development and management of cocoa plantations and new forests in South America. The company is involved from the growing of seedlings in nurseries until the first harvest, the marketable from the 5th year and sold directly to chocolate makers.

Beyond the tax-exemption of a portion of their investments, investors can expect a capital gain over 8 years through the sale of securities of Forestera with an actor of the sustainable and responsible development (sustainable development funds, asset managers, leaders, company projects, etc).

Thanks to this fundraising, the company will be able to invest in :
– The creation of 25 permanent jobs and 25 seasonal jobs ;
– Revaluation of the land from intensive farming and/or deforestation in the region of San Martin, Peru ;
– The protection of watercourses adjacent ;
– The implementation of social security coverage and family for the workers of the plantation ;
– The investment in local infrastructure for the benefit of employees of Forestera and surrounding communities (housing, infrastructure, training…)

“This 1st funding with WiSEED in the framework of the offers that we have put in place together proves the attractiveness of the French, for the environmental projects related to reforestation and social development, and we are delighted with the welcome that the investors have done to us. We look forward to be able to offer other beautiful projects on WiSEED”, adds Frédéric Lagacherie, director general of Forest Finance France.

About WiSEED
WiSEED is developing new models of investment by mobilizing the collective intelligence of a community of more than 87 000 members. First crowdfunding platform to be launched in the investment in 2008, WiSEED, always the leader on the market of equity crowdfunding, which gives everyone the opportunity to put their money in the areas of health, the ecological transition, of the digital, the industry or the real estate assets previously reserved for the privileged few. Since its creation, WiSEED has collected more than € 81 million to support over 178 projects in the real economy. WiSEED is a registered investment Company under the number of the IPC 11783 by the ACPR (French Prudential Supervisory Authority and Resolution) and has the status of the PSI (Provider of Investment Services).

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