Why Macron is to abandon Notre-Dame des Landes

The mediators responsible for the stalemate in the transfer package from the airport of Nantes in Notre-Dame-des-Landes to have rendered Wednesday, December 13, and their relationship with Edouard Philippe, handing over in the saddle, the alternative of the redevelopment of the current airport of Nantes Atlantique. Jean-Louis Baroux, the founder of JLB Consulting, expert of air transport, it is the choice that must follow Emmanuel Macron.

The Executive has promised to settle the question of Notre-Dame-des-Landes by the end of January, why do you think that he would have to abandon the project towards a redevelopment of the current airport of Nantes Atlantique ?

If France was extremely rich, we would have been able to afford it. But in the state of the current financial, public money would be much better used by investing in Nantes Atlantique. The airport still has a development potential. I don’t see why we can’t do better : Nantes handles 7 million passengers from 32 million at the airport of London-Gatwick with a single runway.

What do you do with the reluctance of local residents opposed to an extension of the current airport, especially because of the noise pollution ?

This argument no longer holds water today, because the modern aircraft are becoming quieter. Moreover, even if the airport of Nantes is in strong growth, it is far from being saturated. Before reaching 20 million passengers per year, it was the time !

And those who voted in the referendum in favour of NDL ?

It will be necessary to find a solution to get out serenely from this folder in particular on the question of zadistes. But the project was difficult to defend. It was more of a real estate project that airport.

If the State decides to abandon the project, this may be costly in compensation to Vinci, which has signed a concession contract in 2010 ?

We do not know the exact amount of these allowances, but they turn around 350 to 400 million euros. But we can imagine that the two parties will find a compromise. Especially with the ongoing discussion on the privatization of the Airport of Paris (ADP) which are of interest to highly Vinci (already present in the capital at a rate of 8%).



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