Why it is necessary to create ” a new european authority of the work “

Forum. The return of growth in Europe asserts itself and has visible effects on the labour market : by the end of 2017, 237 million Europeans were employed in the european Union (EU), the highest level ever recorded. The european Commission has set as a priority to ensure that this growth is more inclusive and benefits all.

It is the aim of the european foundation of social rights, that the heads of State and government of the EU have officially proclaimed November 2017 in Gothenburg : he translated into 20 principles, the values of equity, social justice and inclusion social Europe must bear. It is now important to put these principles into practice, with the creation of a new european authority of the work, proposed by the Commission.

When one poses the question to the Europeans : what is the law of the EU, which holds you the most ? 80 % meet : the freedom of movement. Today, 17 million Europeans live and work in another member State. It is two times more than ten years ago. With the revision of the directive on the work assigned and the new rules of social security coordination, we will now have rules that are fair to facilitate the mobility of workers.

Facilitate access to information

But what happens if employees do not know their rights, or if these rules are not applied in practice ? This will be precisely the role of this future authority to help citizens to know their rights, and the member States to enforce them.

The european authority of the work will allow citizens and businesses to find their marks on a labour market more and more european and facilitating access to information. It will also strengthen the cooperation between member States to ensure that national authorities are working together to enforce common rules….

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