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Undoubtedly, the financing of enterprises is a strategic axis in the value creation of the past. In this context, it is clear that access to finance is an axis-key, which strongly impacts the development of certain actors and especially SMES and VSES that do not always have a favourable reception on the part of the lending organizations and actors of the world bank. So far, all is not lost. Attitudes are changing, and innovation has played a strategic role thanks to the rise of the movement Fintechs, which has gradually shifted the lines and revolutionized the market : payments, intermediation, access to credit, etc, As many structural elements that have helped create new uses and meet specific expectations.

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The impact of technology and datas

A first central point in the world of Fintechs is linked to the central role occupied by the data. In fact, regardless of the project, Fintech, data collection, and data analysis are a strategic point upon which depends the successful conduct of operations. Thus, one speaks often of data management. In the world of credit, this approach allows, for example, to describe finely the projects of financing of the enterprises by integrating a component of extra-financial and qualitative analyses to provide a comprehensive report through the collection of information is multisource, which can process hundreds of thousands of questions.

Create constructive relationships with the financial ecosystem

The Fintechs also have for purpose to simplify the intermediation between financial professionals and their clients (professionals or general public). Thus, if we take again our example of the funding enterprise, the Fintechs will help the professionals and to the banks not to lose time and thus to enter in contact from a program analysis of a specific case of funding. Of course, this requirement will be addressed through the approach to data management, as explained previously. The Fintechs allow therefore to introduce greater fluidity, and create constructive relationships between the different parties. Such virtues explain the strong development of the Fintechs that are positioning themselves as partners of the financial organizations.

These different elements show that the market is changing and that the Fintechs will continue to develop on a large scale. By revolutionizing the market, they show that the financial sector is undergoing profound structural changes. The digital has once again made changes to the traditional approaches, and introduces new uses that will enable businesses, the general public and financial institutions, to establish new long-term partnerships.

Julian STURM, Director of Findynamics

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