When the automobile insurance don’t want you

SOS Conso. Until 2016, Bernard X., retired executive, is a driver enjoyed his insurer, Macif : not only does it never cause accidents, but, in addition, he does that very rarely of the ” claims “, that is to say, offence is covered by his contract – just a scratch, due to a malicious hand on her little Toyota Yaris, in the course of the three years preceding. Suddenly, he is entitled to a “bonus” and pay only half of its premium.

This changes the day he decides to travel, with his wife, Liliane. He buys a luxury rv, the price from 67 000 euros. The vehicle, which, according to Bernard, “is the subject of some jealousy,” is the victim of many acts of vandalism, wherever he was stationed (on the line, the hook, the stamps, etc.). In Rome, the thieves force the door and the dévalisent, possessing a television. Bad luck if added to them : in Morocco, a strong gust of wind throws an object on the windshield and break it ; a leak occurs under the sink and destroyed the electronic system that controls the heating.

In two years, Bernard is so… seven claims. On January 19, the Macif informs him that she is going to terminate its contract on its anniversary date, march 31. “We need to preserve the balance of the mutual in the interest of all its members,” she explains. Bernard enters the board of appeal, explains that he is only responsible for only one of seven claims : by kicking on the left to avoid a cyclist, in Italy, he knocked down a scooter, who tried to double it ; the damage, only hardware, have been that light. In vain : for the insurer, whether the author or the victim of damage, it now costs too expensive.

Contract is exorbitant

Bernard joined the ” dropped insurance “, which the magazine 60 Million consumers, has denounced the ” scandal “, in January 2017. If they…

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