When Mattel launches a Barbie “engineer-robotics to inspire vocations

Only 24% of the jobs in science are held by women, and the new doll was designed to encourage them to explore science through games of imagination, but also to “learn real techniques of computer code”, thanks to a partnership with the platform of computer coding for kids Tynker, according to a press release of the toy manufacturer Mattel.

The group of El Segundo in California gets hard and tries to revive sales of the doll known for its forms impossibly perfect in exploring careers unpublished as a beekeeper, head cook, sports, or high level, in order to address the slowdown in its sales.

According to Hélène Darroze and Frida Kahlo

It has already launched versions in the likeness of the olympic champion of fencing veiled Ibtihaj Muhammad, the olympic gymnast black Gabby Douglas, the conservator Hélène Darroze, among others. One of the artist’s legendary mexican Frida Kahlo, however, found in a commercial dispute and was banned from sale in Mexico.

(with AFP)

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