What will the bill deal for businesses

This must be a text of the “transformation” of the economy, to give a “new frame” in the entrepreneurial fabric of French, according to the economy minister Bruno Le Maire. The bill of the action Plan for growth and business transformation (Pact), should include a sixty-odd measures disparate, often technical, oriented towards two objectives : to help SMES-ETI (small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises of intermediate size) French to grow and better engage employees in their results.

The text, which will be presented on April 18 by the council of ministers, must be the subject of a final meeting at Matignon, Saturday, march 10, in the presence, in addition to The Mayor, ministers Nicole Belloubet (justice), and Muriel Pénicaud (work) and State secretaries Mounir Mahjoubi (digital) and Delphine Gény-Stéphann (economy). It will be sent next week to the Council of State.

According to the method, dear to the executive, ” co-construction “, the Pact has been the subject of extensive consultation with business leaders, social partners and parliamentarians. The opening up of new sectors or the désindexation of the minimum wage, too sensitive, politically, have been dismissed.

Reform of the incentive

In addition to the elements relating to the mission of the companies inspired by the report Notat-Senard, it should include a reform of the incentive and participation, to ” ensure that all employees, even those of SMES, may benefit from it “, argues t-Bercy. This should include a reduction of the social contribution, this contribution to the burden of employers, applied on compensation, and up to 20 %.

Simplification of thresholds of social and tax

Then, a simplification of the thresholds and social tax, which will impose new obligations on companies to from 11, 20, or 50 employees (housing assistance,…

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