“What should really serve the profits of corporations ? “

Forum. Does it integrate social and environmental responsibility in the legal framework that defines the” object ” of for-profit companies ? Such is the question now discussed in the draft Plan of action for growth and business transformation (Pact).

If experts and business leaders are divided on the issue, perhaps it is simply because she is not going to the heart of things and that it would be appropriate to address the topic in a more direct way, which is more abrupt : “How to drive business to become contributors, not only economic development, but also the social development and peace ? “.

Today, we are in the hypercompétition and in an economic war that does damage on all fronts. It is thus attempting a paradigm shift, for a company to be a creator of value, but also of fulfillment and peace, within our societies as well as between nations.

The liberal model has made two promises at its inception : to improve the per capita income and, consequently, to increase the happiness. Some have benefited from the first, but the inequalities are large and growing. For the second part, the research work of professor Layard of the London School of Economics, conducted on fifty years, have shown that, even for the most fortunate, the feeling and the criteria of happiness are on the decline (The Price of happiness. Lessons from a new science, Richard Layard, Armand Colin, 2007).

“We’re going to destroy each other ”

In 2010, a group of business leaders has contacted the Grenoble management School to create a research centre in order to ” think together about new ways of doing business to the benefit of the social peace “.

The motivation of this request was directly exposed as well : “If we continue on…

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