What do the giants of the Web against the false information ?

Emmanuel Macron has announced, Wednesday, January 3, in his new year wishes to the press, he would “shortly” introduce a bill to combat the false information online. The French president says he wants to ” empower the platforms and broadcasters on the Internet “. Without revealing precisely the contours of the future text, he explained that ” the platforms will impose obligations of transparency on all the sponsored content in order to make public the identity of the advertisers and those who control it, but also to limit the amounts allocated to such content “.

The micro Franceinfo, Mr. Macron has given some clarification : “When a platform disseminates fake news, the person concerned has the opportunity to refer to a judge in chambers to be removed within 24 to 48 hours of this information, so that it can put into question the responsibility of the platform that has disseminated such information. “

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