Well on the road buys Cars black and becomes the first VTC of France

Well on the road (BSLR), a first varactor VTC of France ? The Paris tribunal has decided, and has authorized the recovery of Cars black by the (young) company that specializes in car transport with a driver.

“We will become the first group VTC of France. Our model will be based on three activities : a fleet of VTC – currently consisting of 100 cars in five cities of France, Reditum – a training company drivers, and now Cars black, that has and maintains a fleet of 3,000 cars leased to drivers VTC”, explains to La Tribune, Pierre-Yves Chamla, chairman of Property on the road.

Cars black was, according to him, a company in hyper growth but which has failed of its own funds, including to cover the investments needed to build his fleet of cars. With this purchase, Well on the road to continue to cross thresholds of size. It account as well to buy nearly 1,500 cars next year, of which 200 are for on the road and gain a foothold in the nine cities of France where you installed Uber. The remaining 1,300 cars, will complement the fleet already substantial Cars Black.

A white mark

Well on the road is a company called capabilities founded in 2015. In other words, it operates the VTC by using the booking platform Uber. “We are a white mark”, assumes Pierre-Yves Chamla, putting the front on another point :

“We are a company that is 100% French, all the expenses are paid in France”, he explains. BSLR wants to open a new front in the form of a fleet of thirty TPMR, vehicles adapted to persons with reduced mobility, and which would be bookable via the app Uber thanks to a special tab.

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The officer was shown in the past by the creation of Well at home in 2006, an it services company in residence at destination of the persons with disabilities, a company sold in 2016 with its 60 agencies and over 4,000 employees in the group of retirement homes the Coliseum.

A context mixed

The company places great hopes on the arrival of Taxify, which promises to charge a commission of 15%, against 25% for Uber. It is concerned, however, the deadline of 1 January next year that will prohibit operating VTC all drivers who have not obtained a certificate particularly difficult to get – we are talking about a success rate of less than 50%.

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Pierre-Yves Chamla, nevertheless, believes that his company is better armed than the other thanks to its activity of training of drivers. However, he hoped that the government will consent to postpone this date…

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