“We, the insurers, are ready to offer all of our fellow citizens decent care at an acceptable cost “

Forum. For half a century, the French ask, because, why the health of their teeth, their sight, their hearing loss is not covered, the equal of other conditions. To be able to see to drive, read, work, listen to not to be totally cut off from his family and the world around you : all the basic conditions to lead a normal life, yet inaccessible to the more modest, then that point already, to a horizon close, the advances due to the use of new technologies.

Therefore welcome the objective to involve additional bodies in this simple situation : glasses, prostheses, dental care reimbursed, in full, what we call the ” rest at zero load “.

An approach of general interest

Social Security withdraws or not it finance today did nothing to change the reality : these are the insurers that support the bulk of these refunds. It is important, therefore, in an approach of general interest on which we find ourselves fully with all of the additional bodies, to agree on what it would be reasonable to offer to all.

“Reasonable” means here that a clear, medically justified, socially acceptable and economically sustainable.

“Medically justified” implies that it is able to offer a full support of expenditure on the essential care with regard to the three areas concerned, and to act from a young age on education and prevention.

“Socially acceptable” recognizes the need not to reduce benefits to the point of discriminating against the beneficiaries. No question, for example, to perpetuate what was, for decades, the judgment ironic on the “mounts Safely” glasses entry. It would not be more acceptable today that does cover dentures metal, such as…

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