Water treatment : Saur on the international to develop its business

After years dominated by financial difficulties, the French group Saur wants to regain the path of growth. Number three in French, far behind Veolia and Suez, the specialist of water treatment, announced, Wednesday, the 8th of November, its ” strategic ambition “, called the ” Initiative 2022 “, which envisages a turnover of € 1.3 billion to $ 2 billion in five years. And this is not a coincidence that its executive chairman, Louis-Roch Burgard, has done it from Riyadh, the capital of saudi Arabia.

The French market, which grew by 1 % per year in value, is almost saturated. Saur holds 20 % in medium-sized cities and displays ” an ambition that is reasonable “, according to Mr. Burgard, who took the helm of the group in January with the mission of the shareholders of the develop. It relies both on its position as a “pure player” of the water, the “closeness” with local governments increasingly keen to ” take control of their water policy and new services for customers through digital innovation.

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