Wärtsilä SKIN the first hybridkraftmodulen of its kind in tomorrow

Wärtsilä Corporation, press Release, 30.5.2017 there is a 16.00 EET

Teknologikoncernen Wärtsilä launches a unique hybridprodukt, Wärtsilä SKIN, which is a completely new innovation in marine propulsion systems. By harnessing its technical know-how in tighter engine design and E&A systems (Electrical & Automation) introduces Wärtsilä is a fully integrated hybridkraftmodul, d.v.p. a combination of engines, energy storage systems and electronics that are optimized to work together through a newly developed power management system. It is the first hybridkraftmodulen of this type manufactured within the marine sector and it represents a new industry standard for marine hybridpropulsion.

The trend in the marine sector goes against hybridpropulsionslösningar, and they are assumed to be included in a large proportion of all ships that were ordered during the next ten years. The new energihanteringssystemet represents the latest generation of integrated control system and is specifically designed for this application. The system provides excellent opportunities for interaction with the ship’s other systems.

Wärtsilä SKIN provides several benefits to customers through increased operating efficiency and flexibility, which leads to lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions and improved fartygsprestanda. During operation in the miljöläge, it can achieve zero emissions. Thanks to a new, patent-pending automation process can also be operated without smoke be reached at all load conditions and in all operating modes. Reduced motordrifttid means lower maintenance requirements and longer service intervals. Wärtsilä SKIN ensures that the overall fartygsprestanda were significantly improved compared with the operation of conventional hardware and hybrid solutions, while a higher redundansnivå promotes increased security. Other advantages are instant response when load changes, overall system certification and guaranteed performance.

The classification society of ships, Lloyds Register (LR), has issued principgodkännande for Wärtsilä SKIN. The certificate is based on technical material and safety analyses regarding the system’s normal operation as well as a presentation of risk scenarios. This means that you would expect to systemkonstruktionen granted final klassgodkännande for the current project.

LR-president for Marine & Offshore, Nick Brown, said: “LR is proud to issue a certificate if principgodkännande for Wärtsilä HY-hybridkraftmodul. LR is like Wärtsilä is committed to address the major challenges that the industry faces, in particular the environmental challenges that are related to carbon dioxide emissions. LR focuses on the introduction of new technology that potentially offers safe and effective solutions, and hybrid technology is one of these. We have worked to support Wärtsilä in the realization of this new product and are excited about the launch at Nor-Shipping.”

“Wärtsilä’s excellent product portfolio and broad know-how and expertise means we can develop products such as the Wärtsilä SKIN, where technologies from different areas are combined. This development opens the door to a new era with the maritime technology that would have been unimaginable just a short time ago. It supports Wärtsilä’s leadership in new, innovative solutions with unrivalled benefits for our customers and partners,” says Giulio Tirelli, director, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions.

Wärtsilä, the SKIN will be available in different versions adapted for each category of vessel. The first versions introduced in the market are designed for tugs and medium-sized ferries, but Wärtsilä also sees great potential in other types of vessels. This is the first launch of a product of this type, where each version is adapted to a specific market, which ensures optimal adaptation to the specific application.

Wärtsilä SKIN officially launched during the Nor-Shipping trade fair is going on in Oslo from 30 may to 2 June 2017.

Read more about Wärtsilä SKIN (in English): Wärtsilä SKIN

The link to the videon (in English)

Image 1

Caption: Wärtsilä SKIN is a fully-integrated hybridkraftmodul in a dieselmekanisk configuration.

Picture 2

Caption: A normal solution with Wärtsilä SKIN for bogserbåtsapplikation, in a dieselmekanisk configuration with direct drive electric motor/generator.

Media contacts:

Giulio Tirelli

Director, Marine Engineering

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions

Tel: +39 040 31956


Peter Rogers

Director, Power Conversion

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions

Tel: +49 4088 2520 76


Marit Holmlund-Sund

Marketing and communications manager

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions

Tel: +358 10 709 1439


Wärtsilä in brief:

Wärtsilä is a leading provider of advanced technologies and full-lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. With an emphasis on sustainable innovation and total efficiency, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental and economic performance of its customers ‘ vessels and power plants. In 2016, Wärtsilä’s net sales to eur 4.8 billion with approximately 18,000 employees. The company has operations in over 200 locations in over 70 countries around the world. Wärtsilä’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.


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