Walmart and Google join in online commerce

The world number one from the distribution, Walmart, and Google have formalized Wednesday (via their blogs respective) a major partnership in order to address the market of online trading dominated today by Amazon.

From September, Google will offer “hundreds of thousands” of products Walmart on its own platform home delivery available for the moment only in the United States, Google Express.

Purchases may also be done with the voice Google Home, the new personal assistant search engine deployed in France since mid-August. This is the first time that the products of the specialist for large-scale distribution are available on a site other than hers in the United States.

A win-win agreement

For the group of the large-scale distribution, this partnership could allow it to significantly increase its sales on the web. It would also provide a greater visibility to its products, and would make the use of the voice command “as easy as possible” for its customers, as is the wish of Marc Lore, the branch manager e-commerce at Walmart. Shopping on the innovative spoken -that Amazon already offers – would bring customers a new shopping experience, according to him.

For its part, the firm of the Silicon Valley would benefit from this association by retrieving new references products on its platform. The new link accounts Walmart and Google provide “personalized results” from different purchases of their customers according to Sridhar Ramaswamy, head of advertising and commerce for the giant of the web. Information essential to the proper referencing of his platform would give him an advantage over Amazon.

Catch up face-to-Amazon

Unofficially, the two groups bind together to better dethrone the Seattle-based company. With a market share of 38% according to the latest analysis of the firm-Retailer, Amazon crushes the competition in the american market for online sales. For a few years now, Walmart has multiplied efforts to counter this rival, and had disbursed three billion dollars, a year ago, to buy the site discount, its biggest acquisition since 2010.

For the subsidiary of Alphabet, the agreement focuses on its wizard home Google Home to be in competition with Echo, his equivalent at Amazon. The partnership should also support the efforts of the search engine to develop its online shop, always in the shadow of the group founded by Jeff Bezos.

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