Wallenstam converting the condominiums to rental apartments in Stockholm because of the market.

The real estate company Wallenstam converts the first stage of the bostadsrättsprojektet the Orangery in Solberga south of Stockholm city centre to the tenancy. It moves about 90 apartments that is under construction and is expected to be ready for occupancy in the spring.

It is clear from a press release.

”We feel that the market situation on the bostadsrättsmarknaden in Stockholm right now is a bit iffy. We therefore choose to make the first stage of the Orangery to the tenancy after having done a market test of the project, where we note that the bostadsrättsmarknaden has cooled down. Thanks to our cost-effective production and our financial strength can bostadsrättsproduktioner switched to the tenancy and to contribute positively to the result”, says the company’s md Hans Wallenstam in a comment.

Overall, based Wallenstam 318 new apartments in Solberga. At the end of 2015 began the 148 rental units that are now under occupation. In 2016, started the construction of the Orangeriets 170 cooperative apartments, where 90 of these are now becoming rental properties instead.

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