Viva Tech, OK… but not very Fintech ?

All the startups present at Viva Tech it use the services of a new bank ?

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What technologies are used by banking services new generation as Qonto ?

Paris, 29 may 2017
Qonto, the first current account 100% online dedicated to entrepreneurs, startups and SMALL businesses, raises a surprising fact about the companies presented at the exhibition of new technologies VivaTechnology from 15 to 17 June 2017 : virtually no seems to use a bank’s new generation !
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“Among the 5,000 startups at the forefront of new technologies represented at the show Viva Tech, it seems that very few are really gone to the ends of the innovation up to use banking services of the last generation. This is a point that we find surprising, given the philosophy of the avant-garde that focus on founders of start-ups. Therefore, we wanted to show on this occasion that the neo-banks, such as Qonto are also precursors and use new technologies for the creation of their services.”
Alexandre Prot and SteveAnavi, co-founders of Qonto

Qonto : safe technologies
Behind the screen of the site Qonto hides a multitude of modules in technology that allow us to provide a service that is ultra fast, secure and efficient while ensuring a fluidity and ease-of-use copies. Of services that most traditional banks do not yet use in their entirety.

1. The cloud-based Amazon Web Services. The use of the AWS cloud provides a fast non-standard and allows you to synchronize various platforms (desktop and mobile) quickly while adapting the pages automatically. The cloud lets you spend 1,000 to 10,000 customers in just a few seconds, and therefore guarantee users a service that is fast and available even in case of a sharp rise in the number of customers.
2. The creation of native applications. The teams Qonto have created iOS apps (Swift 3) and Android (Java 1.7) to provide a mobile service to be as efficient as on a PC.
3. All the front-end part, that is to say, all elements of the site Qontoque you can see on his screen are managed enJavaScript (EmberJS 2.13).
4. At the level of the back-end and, therefore, of servers, applications and the database, it is the language Ruby on Rails which is preferred. Currently on version 4.2, the teams Qonto migrate at this time on the 5.1 version.
5. Plug &play : Qonto is also developing new modules to connect and integrate services with partners such as accounting software or management pay. This complementarity will be managed by API for an automated exchange of data in order to save even more time, money and prevent errors when changing interfaces.
6. Distribution of roles in the startups that are customers of Qonto : each user has rights and different access that are also configurable in real-time.
7. The databases are of four types :Postgresql / Elasticsearch / Redis / Memcached.
8. Security : Qonto uses 2-factor authentication (one time password) for sensitive actions (transfer, adding a new user, ordering a new card, for example). This function is compatible with the different mobile applications in the market (for example Google Authentificator). The single connection between the smartphone and the user’s account is done by scanning a QR code presented in the interface Qonto during the first use. And the service is based on a robust architecture : HTTPS, certificate 2048-bit SSL with TLS encryption, ECDSA with algorithm P-256 and SHA-256.

About Qonto
QONTO was created in April 2016 by Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi, and employs a dozen people in Paris. The two co-founders decided to launch Qonto after the sale of their first company Smokio in a Fortune 500 company. In fact, frustrated with their banking experience – time-consuming, opaque, and poorly suited to their needs as entrepreneurs, and having found no bank that can meet their expectations, they chose to build the service themselves, of which they dreamed. Qonto is in private beta since march, 2017 and the public launch is expected by the summer of 2017.
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