Visiativ launches two new solutions dedicated to the insurance sector, to dematerialize and…

Lyon, may 18, 2017. After the successful launch of the collaborative platform Moovapps, Visiativ wishes to enter the insurance sector in the era of digital transformation by launching two new vertical business solutions : Moovapps Customer Document and Moovapps Customer Service Portal.

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Thanks to this complete offer to destination agents and insurance brokers, it is now possible to dematerialize and centralize in a single repository, and shared all the documents related to client files (contracts, tenders, claims, certificates) as well as the exchange of information related to the customer relationship (discussions, emails, letters, fax).

Moovapps Customer Document, a new bid to keep the control of documents

In a context in regulatory affairs (CAPRA) is more demanding and time-consuming, one of the major challenges for an insurance intermediary is to increase the rate of compliance of clients ‘ records in order to free up more time for its commercial activity. With an experience of over 20 years in the field of insurance, Visiativ allows agents and insurance brokers to upgrade their tools front-office, in the face of competition from new entrants, honed to the customer relationship, such as the Bank-Insurance, Mutual… With Moovapps Customer Document, the transition to paperless client records allows you to fly in agility to the process of validation and dissemination of documents while collaborating around documents in-house or externally. Brokers and agents can deliver significant productivity gains, estimated to be at least one hour per day and per employee. Integrated information system, coupled with the tools and desktop capture (LAD, scan), the solution Moovapps Customer Document is at the heart of exchanges and cooperation by the firm insurance digital.
“In a context of increased competition and in the face of a client becoming more informed and volatile, it is important for agents and brokers to improve the fluidity of the relationship with their customers. The access to the platform Moovapps now allows them to initiate and track real-time applications related to the life of their contracts, social protection, business risks, or management of car fleet, ” says Pierre-Emmanuel Ruiz, Director of Operations Edition.

Moovaps Customer Service Portal, a new offering to improve proximity to the customer

Thanks to this new offer, Visiativ offers a suitable response to the issues of the digitalization of insurance firms who want to control finely their business processes and offer a safe space dedicated to their clients. With Moovapps Customer Service Portal, brokerage firms and insurance agents now have a shared view at 360°of the whole process of the customer relationship. In fact, this collaborative solution enables them to control and trace the key business processes of the customer relationship and on the different branches product (civil Liability, occupational Accident, property Damage, Legal Protection, Fleet Auto), and share their documents with their clients, while dematerializing the collection with them.

“In the era of digital transformation, insurance intermediaries need to rethink the customer relationship in a spirit of loyalty in the long term, while automating the tasks without added value. This will free up more time to animate the relationship with their customers and increase productivity. This is why we chose to develop complete solutions dedicated to this sector in full mutation ! Moovapps Customer Document and Moovapps Customer Service Portal to allow employees of insurance firms quick access to all documents and processes related to the life of a client. These solutions also allow you to secure the documentary heritage of the firm and improve proximity to the customer, ” says Guillaume Lecuyer, Director of Product Marketing.

About Visiativ
Editor and integrator of innovative software solutions, Visiativ accelerates the digital transformation of businesses through its collaborative platform and social business-oriented. Positioned on the mid-market companies since its creation in 1987, the Group Visiativ realized in 2016 a turnover of 106 Million euro and holds a portfolio of diversified customer base, comprised of over 14,000 customers. Covering the whole of the economic poles French and now in Switzerland and in Morocco, Visiativ has nearly 600 employees. Visiativ (ISIN code FR0004029478, ALVIV) is listed on Alternext Paris. The action is eligible for PEA, PEA/PME and FCPI/FIP as a company qualified as “innovative company” by Bpifrance.

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