Virtual exhibitions of the MaNDA database

Summer themes to work on in these weeks of virtual exhibitions in the form of the MaNDA database portal and search interface, which is on Thursday the Venice-lake of material available.

The Hungarian National Digital Archive (MaNDA) aggregation database new portal summer 2016, available on the URL – informed the MTI with the current management Forum rare and precious non-Profit Kft.

The database 2013 has been collecting the national Cultural Digitisation Public work Programmes as a result of digital documents. The online interface is currently 50 municipalities from almost 170 was and current partner institution will publish digitized documents to the Forum rare and precious with agreed work plans.

The online public collection of Hungarian museums, libraries and archives from private collection from ngos, cultural and educational profile of institutions and church-collection more than 470 thousand records and more than 7.5 million metadata contains.

The digitised cultural content, search and browse in addition to the MaNDA database item from compiled weekly expanding thematic virtual exhibitions can also view the leads. These are on the main page, the slide show refer a friend article from directly or the virtual exhibitions section of the list available.

The exhibitions aim to create new context and present it uploaded to the database of cultural content, thus, side-by-side may be as content, which are spatial, the legal, formal properties separated from each other.

The departure since sixty-six virtual exhibition appeared in Hungarian and English languages, the database interface, the last week in published materials and a summer theme with – Comradely greetings for the Lake; Fürdőruhamódi; Beach food movement on the Lake once and now they do.

Thursday afternoon, Venice, lake, sunlight lake address appearing on exhibit at the popular resort evokes the database archive image. The contemporary photographs, postcards, graphics for the 1910-ies to monitor the lake Velence spa’s life.

Next Thursday, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire adriatic vacation spot of open virtual exhibition, in which primarily the contemporary Icici depicting postcards have their place, but showed up Lovran, Crikvenica and Rijeka, also informed the Forum rare and precious.

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