Video game : “let’s let the artists and projects to go at their natural pace “

Mike Wilson is the co-founder of Devolver, the publisher of video game american known for his communication shifted and his commitment to progressive causes. He explains to the World how his company has come to announce the may 11, a project is as atypical as Crunch Out, management game in a limited edition on the Super Nintendo, a console of the 1990s. He directed the chief financial officer fictional Devolver in a race to the profits and revealing the abuses of management in the video game industry. He denounces in particular the practice of ” crunch “, a long period of overload of intensive work, which may exceed seventy hours per week, which is common in the video game in the period of closure.

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A game of Super Nintendo for raising awareness about the working conditions… in the video game

The World : How is born this amazing game project management on the Super Nintendo, with the cynicism of the video game industry and ill-being at work as a backdrop ?

Mike Wilson : there’s not much to tell about the genesis of this project… We wanted to work with the studio Megacat because they make cool stuff, and it has become a game in which Fork Parker [the director-financial venal fictional Devolver] dominates the developers. It turned into a game of charity about the “crunch” fairly organic. [association of health awareness and psychology of the employees, who are paid out of the profits] was the association the more evident given his excellent study Crunch Hurts, and its work to make sure that we talk more about the question of the well-being of the developers.

As this is a game for charity, wouldn’t it have been more logical to release it on PC, where the bulk of the potential buyers are ?

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