Variously formed in the huf exchange rate

Less has changed, but joint development of the huf exchange rate on Friday against key currencies in the interbank market. The week the forint modest foreign exchange gain finished.

The euro in the early morning 308,31 huf after 308,04 forint, swiss francs 281,08 huf after 280,07 huf was recorded that night, seven hours before.

The dollar quotations of the early morning 269,95 from huf 270,12 rose to huf night, but during the day 269,30 huf, and also the subscription that the forint this year’s strongest exchange rate of the american currency against. Last year in may, standing at a similar rate to the forint.

The forint this week increased for all three currency against Monday early morning exchange rate compared to euro 0,27 per cent, at $ 0,19 percent in swiss francs 0,67 percent.

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