Vanity Fair launches the first winners of the “30 scouts” in its issue of July

Six months after the media success of the ranking of the ” 50 French the most influential in the world “, Vanity Fair is launching, in its July issue, the first winners of the ” 30 scouts “, the French version of the “New Establishment” of Vanity Fair US. This time, it is to honor thirty talents under the age of thirty years. Entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, but also filmmakers, musicians, chefs, diplomats or lawyers. Together, these winners form a young guard surprising and iconoclast, who will be the elite of tomorrow.

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For Olivier Bouchara, editor-in-chief of investigations/reports of Vanity Fair, who led the investigation : “It is a new list of achievements for Vanity Fair. After the ranking of the 50 French the most influential in the world, we wanted to shine a light on these young people under 30 years of age, who are not yet in the spotlight but that will radiate tomorrow. This is the New Establishment French, but for all areas ; cook, lawyer, actor, entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker, biologist, harpsichordist, curator of the museum… We wanted to salute those who will be the France of tomorrow. This classification, made on the basis of surveys of each category of professionals, is the bearer of hope. It shows that today, in France, we have a succession that comes from all walks of life, from all social backgrounds. France is a country that can still give a chance to everyone. ”

A Master Class outstanding, submitted by Michel Denisot, the editorial director of Vanity Fair, will be held on Thursday, June 29, at the headquarters of Facebook from 18h to 20h in the presence of the 30 rising stars, Xavier Romatet, Vice-President of Condé Nast International and president and CEO of Condé Nast France, and Laurent Solly, general director of the French subsidiary of the social network Facebook.

· Thirty :

Deborah LUKUMUENA, 23 years old, actress. The revelation of French cinema. Dedicated from his very first film, Divine, for which he won the césar of the best second female role, she just turn in the british series Tunnel and will share the poster for the upcoming comedy with Eric Judor.

Ugo BIENVENU, 30 years old, illustrator. The new prodigy in the COMICS. His albums score. It will make the next series Ant-Man for the us studios Marvel.

Julia BIJAOUI, age 28, head of the company. She has created the website “Frichti” catering company that specializes in small dishes that are healthy, seasonal and inexpensive. To develop its business, it has raised 42 million euros in one year and hired more than 300 people.

Léon DEL FORNO, 29 years old, lawyer. The tenor Hervé Temime was recruited after hearing him in a contest of eloquence on the question ” Our memories are they behind us ? “It has already been distinguished in the case of Heidi Slimane, the estate of Balmain, the murder of the Bristol…

Noé DEBRÉ, 30 years old, writer. The young author’s most requested film. In 4 years, the protégé of Jacques Audiard has already co-authored a thriller (Deephan, palme d’or 2015), signed a drama (The Cowboys, 2015), and comedies such as The Cream of the cream (2014) or Problemos (2017).

Lea DESANDRE, 24 years old, opera singer. Devoted by the price of the revalation to the latest Victories of the classical music, she has been chosen by Jordi Savall for the title role of Alcyone.

Anastasia COLOSIMO, 27-year-old essayist. Intellectual committed. His essay written in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks against Charlie hebdo and called The Bonfires of freedom is about the history of the blasphemy through the ages and shows that he is above all a political instrument.

Sophiane AFROUN, 27 years old, filmmaker. It is he who carries out the clips of the rap group NLP. Small jewelry worthy of the film, viewed over 500 million times on Youtube in a long, sometimes 16 minutes, turning as well in the parisian suburbs in a national park in Namibia.

Alicia KNOCK, 29, curator at the centre Pompidou. After exposure blending designers and performers, it has put forward unrecognized artists as the videographer of south africa Penny Siopis and the sculptor of mali Abdoulaye Konaté. His intention ” to show that the public can move to something other than Matisse “.

Caroline POGGI, 27 years old, filmmaker. With Jonathan Vinel, 29 years old, it forms the couple of the most promising French cinema. They were over Berlin in 2013 by winning the golden bear for best short film for as long As we will have shotguns.

Jean Rondeau, 26 years old, a harpsichordist. First prize in the international Competition of Bruges in 2012, one of the largest in the world, victory of classical music in 2015, it gives over a hundred concerts a year and has three disks in Errato.

Xavier DUPORTET, 30 years old, a biologist: He has discovered an antifungal compound to the age of 22 years. Has the head of a team of 4 researchers, the phosphorus today about the ” éligobiotiques “, these antibiotics smart is capable of distinguishing good from bad bacteria.

Julien GOSSELIN, 29 years old, director. Three years after causing a sensation in Avignon with the adaptation of the elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq, he held the displays of the Odeon in the fall of 2016, with a room of more than 10 hours, based on the novel of Roberto Bolano, 2666.

Jérôme DI MARINO, 27 years old, perfumer : This nose was rewarded by a Fifi Awards (the Césars of the profession) for his work on Black by Daniel Hechter in 2016. He has just co-sign The Water intense Carven.

Marine KNIFE, 27-year-old head of the company: with a fellow engineer, this biologist has created leka on (” Play and care “, in Swedish) a small robot education designed to help children with autism communicate better. Their project, which has raised 500 000 euros on a website for crowd-funding, is supported by psychologists who specialize in developmental disability.

Nina MÉTAYER, 28 years old, pastry: the best pastry chef of France, according to the latest edition of the Gault & Millau guide. After training in Yannick Alleno, and then at Jean-François Piège, she leads the creation of the group Café Pushkin, eight tea rooms located in Paris, Moscow and London, in anticipation of the opening of a boutique place de la Madeleine in Paris in October.

Lola GONZALEZ, 29, artist : at the last FIAC, she received the coveted Prix Meurice for a video of the troubling in that his friends indulge in a feast carnivore before to meet, the next day, titubants and blind on a beach. Her work is exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo.

Alexandre CADAIN, 27 years old, science : he joined the foundation of Elon Musk in Los Angeles on artificial intelligence. He now oversees the program Watson, which is intended to share the super group IBM with researchers from around the world. He teaches Normal Sup, carries out advisory missions to the UN in new technologies and teaches courses in epistemology, digital at the university of Tokyo.

Antoine OUVRANS, 21-year-old inventor. It has developed a silicone bracelet with an embedded chip for storing vital data. In the event of an accident, first responders can save precious minutes.

Paul NYZAM 30-year-old art dealer : He has been able to impose itself at Christie’s, where he directs the prestigious department ” evening sales “, dedicated to contemporary art.

Kaoutar HARCHI, 30 years old, and essayist. In his doctoral thesis published at Fayard editions, I only have one language, and this is not mine, she wondered about the ethnocentrism of the Paris literary.

Pablo AHUMADA, 25, diplomat: the son of refugees from chile, he is the first student from the agreements SIGNED with Sciences Po to enter in diplomacy, through the support of the Quai d’orsay.

Alice HALF, 25 years ago, photographer : recognized for his images funny and off-beat, it has just signed the latest campaign for Mercedes with rapper Asap Rocky.

Hugo MERCIER, age 25, head of the company. He wants to end our sleepless nights, thanks to a headband packed full of technologies that can improve the quality of sleep. In practice, micro-sensors embedded in the fabric analyze and regulate the activity of the brain by spreading the slow waves. It has already raised 20 million euros and recruited 70 experts in Paris and San Francisco.

Julia SEDEFDJIAN, 21 years old, a chef. The youngest star in the Michelin Guide. She was barely 20 years old when she took over the kitchens of la Fontaine’s Fables, paris restaurant near the Field of Mars.

Germain LOUVET, 24, dancer: last winter, after flirting with burnout in Romeo and Juliet Rudolf Nureyev, he was appointed first dancer and chose to portray the prince Siegfried in Swan Lake.

Blanche DE LESTRANGE, 29 years old, number 2 of the FIAC : right arm of Jennifer Flay, the artistic director of the FIAC, since graduating from Sciences Po in 2010. At the head of the prestigious section “Beyond the walls” which exhibits one hundred works of art in public places of the capital.

Mercy FRANK, 27 years, head of the company : to The side of professor David Azria, she has climbed Novagray, a start-up to broadcast a test of the predictions of the side effects of radiation therapy, which would allow oncologists to modulate the radiation level according to the sensitivity of patients.

Cécile COULON, 27 years old, writer : first novel in 16 years and now the ninth, Three seasons of storm, selected for the next Prize of Flora.

Simon PORTE JACQUEMUS, 27 years old, fashion designer : he has created his own brand to 20 years. Today, he dresses as well Jeanne Balibar at the Cannes film festival that Miley Cyrus in the pages of the very sharp american magazine V.

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