United states : the member of the stock Exchange launches lawsuit against Elon Musk for fraud

It was during the torpor of the summer, in the full trading session, on the 7th of August. Elon Musk, the boss of the manufacturer of electric cars Tesla, sent to his 22 million followers on Twitter a series of messages that have not been to the liking of the Securities and exchange commission (SEC), the regulator of the u.s. Stock market. The latter has opened an investigation and then filed a complaint for fraud, Thursday, September 27, in front of a New York court.

The first tweet was stupefying : “I’m planning to remove Tesla from the odds at the price of 420 dollars. The funding is secured, ” wrote Mr Musk. Information is confusing, which valued Tesla’s $ 70 billion, would require a funding record for such an operation output of the rating. Worse, Mr. Musk has persisted, stating in other tweets that ” the support of investors is confirmed. The only reason this is not certain, it is that it depends on the vote of the shareholders “. And for the small shareholders, Mr. Musk assured him that it was a device to allow them to remain the owners of the company ” thanks to a fund dedicated to that purpose.”

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