Uber combines with the régie des transports de Nice to provide supplementary transport

A platform for VTC, but not that. Uber has decided to expand its range of mobility. Beyond Uber Pool and other Uber Eats, the u.s. platform wants to make himself a greater place in the urban mobility. Wednesday, July 4, the american company and the régie Line’azur, which manages the transport of the metropolis of nice, revealed an offer of transport to the divisional application of the tram, for the evenings.

“Nice has a tram line that operates until 2: 30 in the morning, but the 17 bus lines, which are in correspondence with it, stop rolling 20 hours. In the framework of a one-year pilot project, we will propose to the 50,000 subscribers of the transport nice travelling by tram in one of the areas served to-day by these bus lines, an offer of individual transport, via Uber, at a fixed price of 6 euros, ” explains Philippe Pradal, the first deputy of the city of Nice.

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“This is a first in Europe in such a metropolis, notes Alexandre Droulers, in charge of offers of mobility for the u.s. platform on the Old Continent. We have developed a technology that allows us to offer to all subscribers, leaving six specific stations to the tram to visit one of the selected areas with the metropolis of nice, and are traveling from these areas to these stations, take advantage of this offer affordable. “

A first at this scale

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