Trump threatens to shut the government to push for Mexico-wall.

President of the united states Donald Trump warns that he will push the government toward a shutdown if it would be needed to push congress to fund the wall against Mexico, which was one of his most important campaign promises.

This he said at a kampanjmöte in Phoenix the night of Wednesday, according to Bloomberg News.

The president warned those democratic politicians who have protested against the Murplanerna, he called them ”obstruktionister” and said that it was time that the united states are cracking down against illegal immigration.

”If we must shut down our government so we will build the great wall… In one way or another, we will build the great wall,” he said.

The mexican peso weakened against the dollar during the time that Donald Trump spoke at the kampanjmötet, where he also expressed himself very sceptically about the prospects of a new Nafta agreement.

The president expressed, however, at the same time cautious optimism about a possible improvement in relations with north Korea.

”I respect the fact that he’s starting to respect us”, said Donald Trump about north Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

”And maybe, probably not, but maybe – can anything positive come through,” he said.

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