Trump spoke about the ”calm before the storm” in a meeting with military leaders.

After discussions on Iran and north Korea with military leaders spoke, U.S. president Donald Trump about that the present situation can be ”the calm before the storm” at a photo opportunity before a dinner in the White house.

It is reported by Reuters.

”You know guys what this represents? Maybe it is the calm before the storm”, said Donald Trump.

To a question about the storm, he intended said the president: ”you will know”.

In the talks with the military toppföreträdare previously had Donald Trump talked about the threat from north Korea and to prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear weapons.

”In north Korea is our goal avnuklearisering. We cannot allow the dictatorship to threaten our nation or our allies with unimaginable loss of human life. We will do what we must to prevent this from happening. And believe me, it will be done, if needed, trust me”, said the president.

In the case of Iran said Donald Trump to the country has not lived up to the spirit of the international agreement to limit the nuclear program. A leading administrationsföreträdare stated that the president will shortly announce that he will ”avcertifiera” agreement.

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