Trump should send more troops to Afghanistan.

U.S. president Donald Trump said late on Monday that he will send more troops to Afghanistan, and promises to ”fight to win”. There could be up to 4,000 more troops and american troops should stay as long as it is required to prevent that the terrorists have a safe haven and to get a political agreement with the taliban.

It is reported by american media.

In a tv broadcast speech at a military base near Washington, the president said that he’s new focus aims to prevent Afghanistan becoming a safe haven for islamist terrorists, who are intent on attacking the united states.

Donald Trump, who on repeated occasions has criticized his predecessors, and strategies in Afghanistan, inherits the same challenges.

In the century that gave few details specified the president is not how many more troops it may be, gave no timeline for an end to the american presence in Afghanistan and put pressure on Pakistan, India and the Nato allies to increase its commitment, according to Reuters.

Officials stated, however, that the president gave the defense minister the green light to send about 4,000 more soldiers.

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