Trump proposes budget cuts of 3,600 billion dollars.

President of the united states Donald Trump is going to propose spending cuts of 3,600 billion dollars over ten years, reports the Washington Post.

The white house’s budget for the 2018, if the total of 4.094 billion dollars, cuts in sjukvårdsprogrammet for poor and low-income, Medicaid, and food aid and other programmes for poverty reduction. Funding to sjukvårdsprogrammet for poor children, CHIP, to be reduced by approximately 20 per cent next year.

All in all, the expenditure for the different programmes to be reduced by 1,000 billion dollars in ten years.

The newspaper notes that the data on the budget caused anger among democrats and a mixture of concern and tributes among the republicans, which illustrates the political minefield that policy makers face when they are going to debate whether the draft budget should lagfästas.

The president will also propose changes in the foreign aid programmes so they no longer give so much contribution, instead, loans given to foreign governments that must be repaid. Exceptions will be made for Israel and Egypt.

The budget also means a 2% cut of all spending programmes that are approved by congress every year for ten years. In addition, the be abolished in all federal support for ”planned parenthood”.

In the budget proposed an increase of defense spending by 43 billion dollars next year, but for next year’s budget, according to the Washington Post, almost identical to what it would have been without the changes. According to a representative for the White house, this due to the military even planning their spending priorities for those years and the budget can be changed.

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