Trump minimizes the risk of the pandemic coronavirus, disaster in sight?

By David Wagner – having obviously never afraid to offend, the president Trump has expressed on Thursday evening scepticism about the worst-case scenario of a pandemic of sars coronavirus in the United States, telling Fox that he has “the feeling that a lot of the figures that are advertised in some of the areas are just more important than they are”.

“I do not think that you are in need of 40 000 or 30 000 fans,” said Mr. Trump in the host Sean Hannity, a reference similar to the recent declaration of the government of New York Andrew Cuomo, according to which the State had need of 30 000 fans. “You know, you go sometimes in large hospitals, and they have two fans, and all of a sudden, they say : “Can we order 30 000 fans ?

The president also criticized the two governors are democrats after they criticized the federal government’s response to the pandemic.

“The first line of attack is supposed to be the hospitals and the local government and the states – the states themselves,” said Mr. Trump. “We have people like the governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee, who is expected to do more.

Mr Trump also praised Mr. Cuomo, of New York, asserting that the two men had had discussions and correspondence constructive in recent weeks.

He also mentioned his hope that some parts of the u.s. economy are starting to return to normal before the Easter Sunday.

“The end result is that we have to get back to work,” continued Mr. Trump. “And I think we can start by opening some parts of the country … some parts of the Midwest, other places” where the epidemic has been less severe.

Trump has also ruled out the cancellation of the republican national Convention, to be held in August, saying Fox is “not a question that I cancel the convention”.

However, experts are adamant and unanimous : A confinement of several weeks will be necessary to avoid a spike in serious cases so large that it would exceed the capacities of the hospitals, as is currently the case in Italy and Spain, where only the sick have the best chance to get out enjoy of beds in the icu…

Thus, a health disaster could be expected, and Trump could, despite him participate in the realization of worst-case scenarios that he himself has refuted if he persists in wanting to reopen the economy before all danger has passed.

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