Trump is considering not Kashkari as the new Fedchef.

Fedchefen in Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari, currently belongs to not to the group of persons as the president, Donald Trump is considering as the next Fedchef.

It reports the Bloomberg News and refers to an unnamed administrationsföreträdare.

Speculation that Neel Kashkari was a possible candidate gained momentum on Tuesday when the manager Jeffrey Gundlach, at a meeting in Los Angeles, claimed that he would replace Janet Yellen.

Donald Trump’s advisor has submitted a final list of potential candidates to Donald Trump, and has now finished the quest. Donald Trump is reportedly considering sitting Janet Yellen, the economic adviser, Gary Cohn, former Fedguvernören Kevin Warsh and sitting governor Jerome Powell.

According to two people familiar with the matter are also Stanfordekonomen John Taylor one of the people that Donald Trump is considering.

Donald Trump said last week that he will make a decision on new Fedchef within the next two-three weeks.

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