Trump is considering laptopförbud in the cabin from all countries.

The U.S. government is considering expanding the ban of laptops in the cabin to apply to flights from all countries to the united states, and not just from certain parts of the world as at present. The measure could create significant disruptions for passengers and airlines, reports the Financial Times.

Previously there was talk that the ban could be extended to Europe, but is now being considered, therefore, to introduce the ban even wider.

The measure has come as a response to concerns that the terrorist will place a bomb in a box and then detonate it on board.

The airline industry has estimated that an expansion of the ban to Europe would cost passengers $ 1 billion by the longer flight times and lost productivity.

The ban can at the same time come to hit against the demand for air travel to the united states because many companies prohibit employees to put laptops in checked baggage for fear that sensitive information will be stolen.

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