Trump has revised its travel ban, three new countries on the list.

U.S. president Donald Trump has added three countries to the list of nations with restrictions on entry into the united states.

It reports Bloomberg News.

The revision opens the Trump for what may be a new wave of legal trials.

The new policy prohibits the entry of all from north Korea and some government representatives from Venezuela.

”The fact that Trump has added north Korea – with few visitors to the united states – and some few representatives of the government of Venezuela does not take away the fact that the administration order will continue to be a muslim prohibition,” said Anthony Romero, the head of the American Civil Liberties Union, in a statement.

President Trump said that he ”must act to protect the safety and interests of the united states and its people”.

Sudan has been removed from the list, while the other, Chad, was added. Five countries remaining on the list are Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia.

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