Trump calls for a strong Dollar and negative interest rates (!), the greenback rises

By David Wagner – The us president, Donald Trump has once again called for negative interest rates in an intervention on Fox Business today, while expressing the view that it is a ” good time to have a strong Dollar.”

Insiders to the economic theories and monetary will note the incongruity of such a remark, knowing that the rate to negative to weaken, at least in theory, the Dollar.

It was also felt that ” the whole world wants dollars, because we’ve maintained a strong “.

In regard to the rate negative, he stressed that ” if the other countries have negative interest rates, we should also “, adding : “I felt strongly that we should have negative interest rates “.

It should be noted, however, that despite the president’s insistence on this topic, the market appears to have focused mainly on ‘call of the US president in the face of a strong Dollar, then he blamed the strong Dollar penalizing the US economy not later than December.

This has supported the Dollar on the Forex, with a fall of the EUR/USD below 1.08, in particular, as the chairman of the Fed Jerome Powell has expressly ruled out the idea of rate negative the United States not later than yesterday.

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