TrioAlgo and TrioMatrix, effective portfolio management signed TrioMarkets

For the past few years, TrioMarkets offers management of portfolios that have been able to capture the interest of a very demanding clientele. On the market yet to be saturated with the management of assets, TrioMarkets stands out with the implementation of two models that are very attractive, more or less risky, to suit different profiles of investors.

TrioMatrix, a portfolio management proven

TrioMatrix is born in 2016 to a joint pursuit between mathematicians and financial analysts. The result of this collaboration : a sophisticated algorithm and efficient way for automatic management of assets. TrioMatrix adopts a Hedging strategy including securing the capital. Technically, TrioMatrix trade on the differences between two or more instruments with the main pairs ‘ cross, and determines the weights are quantitative, which are then used to apply the various instruments. To determine the proper alignment, a method of linear regression between the respective instruments is used. The weights accurate are analyzed using statistical tools developed, such as fixed series of quantitative and of the functions of entropy, so that the trading system generates a single graphic with the probabilities of returns anticipated on the positions. Decisions are based on predictions made by a quantitative model, that is to say, an analysis of the courses and information for the purpose of detecting signals buyers or sellers.

In the end, this strategy effectively allows TrioMatrix to view excellent results. It can adjust to the risk profile of the client, from moderate to aggressive. This solution has been chosen by many customers TrioMarkets who appreciate its flexibility and ease of use.

TrioAlgo, a powerful tool very appreciated

As TrioMatrix, TrioAlgo has been designed by a team of mathematicians and financial analysts. Where the first designs its strategy on a number of currencies, TrioAlgo focuses exclusively on three major pairs, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. By opting for a strategy of against trend based on only these pairs, the algorithm can position themselves effectively, to take advantage of each divergence of market and optimize the results. TrioAlgo adapts to periods of increased volatility reduces the exposure when needed, recognizes patterns and adjusts to improve performance. It can build, where appropriate, a safeguard by taking a position opposite to its initial strategy, creating an effective hedge. TrioAlgo admits a higher risk to TrioMatrix, but its yields are also. Every one has to determine the degree of risk it wishes to make to the management of its portfolio.

Why choose the management of portfolios of TrioMarkets ?

If the reasons mentioned above and the ease of use of the two models are sufficient reasons for capturing the interest of the traders, other points are far from being negligible. If it is a automated management of your portfolio, TrioMarkets wanted to reinstate the human aspect and the keep at the heart of its strategy. The teams TrioMarkets remain in charge of the monitoring. This means that in the event of a dislocation in the market created by political events or economic major, they intervene to prevent the customers and close out positions in order to best protect the capital invested. Very close to the users, they are still listening to them. These frequent contacts are an exception for this type of product and the signature of TrioMarkets. The two models of portfolio management have already been adopted by many customers TrioMarkets. Some even use them for several years. This fidelity suggests a certain satisfaction from them. While in the past year, the performance of TrioAlgo has decreased, its users remained faithful to him, proof of their confidence in the possibilities offered. The choice between the two models will essentially depend on the level of risk that the investor wants to accept.

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