Transport : “We’re going to finish with the addiction to large projects,” says Elizabeth Terminal

Arbitration – awaited – is finally unveiled : the State will invest $ 13.4 billion euros in the railways, roads and transportation facilities French between 2018 and 2022. This gure was presented on Tuesday 11 September by Elizabeth Terminal, the transport minister, to the advisory committee of infrastructure (COI), a panel of experts, chaired by former socialist deputy and a specialist of transport, Philippe Duron.

The COI had been created a year ago in order to inform the government on its choice of spending on transport infrastructure. The financial programming will be one of the chapters of the wide orientation law of mobility (LOM) to come. Elizabeth Terminal back on these choice financial major.

What will be the financial contribution of the nation for the mobility infrastructure of the coming decades ?

We are unveiling a brick important of the LOM, which will be presented to the council of ministers at the end of October. We started from an observation : the transport policy has focussed in recent years on large-scale infrastructure. However, this policy leads to a financial impasse, and it does not respond completely to the needs of citizens.

We are making a cultural revolution on the financing of transport infrastructure, both in terms of method and in terms of priorities. The method it is sincerity. We’ll finish with addiction to large projects, and with the promises not being funded, which question the credibility of the State. More a question of promise at all wrong, in the territories, programs that are not realistic.

This is reflected by the fact that we will, for the first time, enact a law programming in the field of transport, as there is a law on military programming. We define a financial trajectory on the current quinquennium, and on to the next quinquennium, with the idea…

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